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Beach and Punta on the other side of the bay
Beach and Punta on the other side of the bay
Lukoran is a small Dalmatian village on the northern side of Ugljan Island, located between Preko and Ugljan. In fact, it's rather two settlements as it stretches on the shores of two bays. Veli Lukoran surrounds Lukoran Bay, while Mali Lukoran on the other side of the hill occupies the western side of Sutomišćica Bay, facing Sutomišćica on the other side. The small village owns a chapter in Croatia's cultural history: while being a guest at the Mali Lukoran villa of Zadar's De Ponte family, Petar Preradović was inspired by the sunrise experienced here. His poem, Zora puca bit će dana was published in the 1844, very first issue of Zadar's famous magazin of the 19th century, Zora Dalmatinska. The De Ponte Villa was not the only summer residence of Zadar's aristocratic families in Mali Lukoran - the Perini family also had their house in Mali Lukoran, then the Salghetti-Drioli family had their villa in Veli.

The most developed and well-kept beach with concrete terraces and short gravel entries to the sea in Veli Lukoran is found on the Punta, by the campsite. There is a short sandy section at the bottom of the bay at the center of the riva, gravel parts are found at the western mole and north of it. Outside of the bay the coast is rocky. In Mali Lukoran the moles made of concrete are used for sunbathing and entering the sea - a developed, well-kept beach is found on the other side of the bay, in Sutomišćica.

Accommodation is available in private apartments and rooms, as well as in the campsite Novi Kamp. Both Veli Lukoran and Mali Lukoran have groceries (one in each). Guests are welcome to the restaurants Makara and Frakalo and two bars in Veli and one in Mali.

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Punta with the village in the background
Punta with the village in the background

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